Men’s Frames

Men’s Eyewear


Inspired by the water, the Nautica Eyewear Collection has classic style with modern appeal. Incorporating nautical elements into the design, each frame has a crisp, clean aesthetic. Nautica defies trends and seasons with its timeless eyewear collection.
From the office to the beach, and all points in-between, Nautica is crafted with intention, and designed for the life well-lived.


The STEPPER contemporary eyewear collection is guaranteed to fit properly and be comfortable to wear. Manufactured to the highest standards and using advanced materials, STEPPER EYEWEAR is as durable as it is stylish. Patented TX5 polyamide and incredibly light, flexible and strong Titanium are used extensively throughout the entire STEPPER range.


The Convertibles range sets the standard for contemporary, functional eyewear. With the latest in sophisticated design fused with cutting edge technology, style and comfort meet with the ultimate in UV protection. Utilising state of the art design solutions and patented technology, the micro magnetic pads and detachable sunglass clip on are both practical and convenient. The clip on is light and the magnetic pads allow for simple yet secure attachment. A slim, detachable sleeve offers safe protection when not in use.


Prodesign Denmark is devoted to creating high synergy between face and the optical frame. Our ambition is to design eyewear that highlights the finest qualities of the face, with innovative frames, good details and best choice of materials.


Safilo production philosophy is evolutionary. It merges the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with industrial design and with state of the art technology. We call it avant-craft. Safilo is made in and made of Italy. Everything we do is steeped in the Italian ability to produce the good, the beautiful, the well-made. A unique skill based on craftsmanship expertise, where creativity meets the needs of everyday life.


Morrissey frames are handcrafted and assembled by state-of-the-art manufacturers renowned for their quality and innovation. Every frame is designed in Australia. Each collection adopts age old techniques for shaping each individual frame, passing through 200 pairs of hands for finessing before the frame is completed. This craftsmanship and high attention to detail is evident when you see and feel the frames.

Joseph Abboud

A modern, sophisticated menswear and lifestyle brand embracing a redefined and authentic point-of-view that speaks to the new man. Joseph Abboud epitomizes innovative design, superior fit and a distinct style, thoughtfully outfitting men for every facet of their life. Applying a designer eye to an artful masculinity, it is the ultimate source for foundation pieces, accentuated by on-trend details.


Since its launch in 1988, Flexon has changed the world of eyewear with its unique attributes, utilising Japanese materials and technology. Flexon frames are lighter, stronger and more comfortable than any of its competitors. From simple classic designs to edgy styles the original memory metal frames appeal to the widest range of men, women and children. “Flexon – the original memory metal, set the standards within the optical industry making us the #1 optical frame in America.”